Pregnancy Massage Oil Review

Absolute Aromas ‘Expecting’ Massage Oil Review


If you are looking for a great all-rounder aromatherapy oil to use during your pregnancy then this oil is fantastic.
Once you are four months pregnant you can use Absolute Aromas Expecting Bath and Massage Oil as a great item in your bathroom for multiple purposes. Best of all you get 100ml for only £8.26 which I think is a massive bargain. 

Expecting is a delicate blend that nourishes and supports the senses to help your body and mind relax.  Its natural moisturisers help to prevent stretch marks. This delicate blend of Neroli, Mandarin and Petitgrain nourishes and supports the senses. The rich base of Jojoba makes this an ideal blend to use during late pregnancy. As I had severe dryness and problems in my first trimester on my skin I found that because this oil didn’t have loads of chemicals in it that it really helped my skin and got rid of my itchiness I had. It was soothing straight away.

The Essential Oils used in Expecting are:
Bitter Orange to repair and protect the skin. Orange oil promotes collagen production and supports the skin repair process. Bitter Orange comes from its leaves and twigs which tones and conditions skin- it has an uplifting scent.
Neroli comes from Orange flowers and tones and conditions the skin.
Tangerine (Tocopherol Vitamin E) is great as a massage oil to help stretch marks and tone loose skin- it has a sweet aroma which is gentle and calming.

The Carrier Oils used in Expecting are:
Sunflower to repair and protect the skin. It is rich in Vitamin E to help prevent scarring and smooth out the skin. Also great for the scalp for dry skin conditions.
Apricot to bring relief to dry, inflamed skin. Improves skin elasticity and smooth out fine lines. Great for massaging.
Jojoba which is great for repairing and protecting skin as it has a similar structure to human sebum. It helps skin to retain moisture. Great for hair and scalp.
Sesame helps to keep skin supple and soft. It also heals skin.
Carrot relieves stress and exhaustion and rejuvenates skin. It also fights psoriasis and eczema.
The smell is a fresh, rejuvenating and soothing scent that isn’t overpowering and very relaxing.

I have used Expecting to:

  • Prevent stretch marks (massage into the abdomen in a clockwise direction), hips, thighs in the evenings as it is a very relaxing scent.
  • As a natural moisturiser after bath times as it soothes and nourishes skin to keep it soft and supple with no horrible oily residue. 
  • As a bath treat I add 3 capfuls under warm running water to create a moisturising aromatherapy treat and my skin always feels silky afterwards. 
  • Moisturise my hair by massaging 1 tablespoon into the scalp & hair to nourish it. I have left to for half an hour whilst in the bath and then washed our with a mild shampoo to leave it silky soft. 
  • Massage my muscles when tense and my partner massages my lower back which is great for pregnancy aches there as it relaxes my muscles. 
  • I will also carry on using this oil once I have given birth to help tone and rejuvenate my skin while I am losing my baby weight. 

I would defiantly recommend this product for during and after your pregnancy. 

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