New Fragrance La Bella from TOWIE star Samantha Faiers

Samantha Faiers launches New Fragrance

Newly sophisticated Sam Faiers (Now known as Samantha since her departure from TOWIE) has just launched a new fragrance called La Bella (means The Beauty translated from French). I’m loving her Ombre style Brunette, Caramel locks that also go with the notes in the fragrance. 
The scent is packaged in heavyweight bottle with a diamond cut top and wrapped in a textured cream and gold package. Looks like something from Guerlain and sits pretty in any boudoir. 
The scent is sweet with a floral after note. With a top note of Vanilla, Elegantiris Flower and Benzoin at the heart,with a Caramel base. Perfect for a delicate evening fragrance or for a day event such as a wedding as it is not too heady. Surprisingly it comes in as a Parfum and not a Eau de Toilette which is what you expect from most celebrity fragrances. It means it lasts longer than most.
The fragrance La Bella Eau De Parfum is only £24.50 for 100ml which is very reasonable considering the sexy ingredients and size. You can get it from The Fragrance Shop front he 12th of June. 

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