Ted Baker Vida Eau de Toilette Review

I have been looking for a perfume that I can keep in my car as I am often out and about in my job as a beauty PR and love a little freshen up spritzer. 
Ted Baker have just launched three lovely Summer fragrances called Cate, Polly and Vida.
All are called Ted’s Sweet Treat range and are light yet sweet smelling for a quick boost. 
I chose to review Vida as I was drawn to this cheeky description on the back. Who can resist ‘happiness in a bottle’ ! Vida is unfused with Grapefruit so you feel refreshed and cleansed and then Raspberry which is a playful note that reminds you of Dewberry Body Shop sweet memories! 
The scent lasts surprisingly well and although sweet, is certainly not sickly. In fact, it smells warm and fuzzy like you have opened some raspberry drop sweets and wrapped yourself in a warm fragrant blanket. It’s perfect for on the go and easy to spritz. 

I love there pyramid pink structure of the perfume, it fits in your hand just fine and perfect for a fill up present. Great for travel. The bottles are only 10 ml in size so can go in your see through travel plastic bag no problem. 
Here you can see the perfume fits perfectly in my hand. Great for handbags, travelling and like me- perfect of you want a light spritzer on the go in the car. 

You can buy this perfume for only £15 online at www.keepmeinspired.co.uk

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