Danesfield House Spa and Lunch Review

Danesfield House Day Spa and Lunch Review

All ready for our pamper day.
If you are looking for somewhere that boasts both unrequited luxury and scenic relaxation, then a spa break at Danesfield House is the perfect choice for you. Booking is essential, lunch in the Orangery restaurant is often booked out for tables. You can also book event rooms, spa breaks, dining and an overnight breaks here. 

Majestic Building
So much to see at Danesfield House 

With 65 acres of beautiful gardens with outstanding views over the River Thames and the Chiltern Hills you better pack your walking shoes in your spa bag. Make sure you have a coffee after your treatment to soak in the wonderful countryside; you don’t want to miss this!
The location of Danesfield House is Marlow On Thames in Buckinghamshire, so it is easily accessible by motorway. 
I took my friend Charlie for a girly break and you would feel equally at home being with your partner or a family member here. I think though, it would be a bit to grand to relish all the special treatment on your own and you would definitely want to share all the lovely experiences with someone here. It’s a bit like going to a really good concert- you want to experience it with nods and knowing looks with someone who understands how great it all is. 
When you drive up to the property, you can sense straight away that there is a sense of history and English heritage. as you can see a doorman waiting for you at the doors to the house.
Walking up the driveway to the doors at Danesfield House

You then go straight to a friendly reception where you we they had some lovely Spring flowers on display. You can then wait in the Grand Hall to meet with friends or have a coffee to relax

once you are there. 
Easter Flowers at Reception

The Grand Hall where you can meet friends
Once you are ready, you get shown to the spa which is about a five minute walk through a glass bridge because the estate is so big. Here, you can sneak a peek at the gorgeous stately rooms on your way. There is a gym there, which has everything you will need. But as I am here purely to relax, this is simply out of the question for me.
At the spa there is a cosy reception area where you fill in your health questionnaire. You are greeted with option to have a drink, so I had a soothing Peppermint Tea with a lovely
 homemade biscuit. 
Reception Lounge at the Spa
Retail Therapy in the Spa Lounge

The Gym 
Peppermint Tea and Homemade Cookie
Juice and Coffee Bar 
Friendly Reception at the Spa
The Spa:
Once you have filled out everything, then you get a tour of the spa. (Yes another tour, because that’s just how large it is!)
Here you will see the large lockers, big enough to fit a large Louis, complete with fluffy dressing gown and slippers. There are individual tables with mirrors and high volt hairdryers to look great for your next appointment. The swimming pool is beautifully lit with views you could just dream about with your Jane Austen novel. Here, you have a jacuzzi, Steam Room and Sauna. There are loungers decorated with the latest glossy magazines and some are situated outside for a sunny day. But best of all, there is a Relaxation Room where you reside before you have a treatment. This is like a private VIP suite where the loungers actually have duvets- yes really! Here you also have your own private sauna, steam room and drinks fridge. I think I must have nodded off in an article about yachts and princes, before my therapist Jassi called me for my treatment. 

Lockers big enough for a hamper

Dressing tables to see you get a great blow dry

Relaxation Room Fridge and Mags

Loungers by the pool
Steam room
Even  the Sauna has a view

Beautiful Pool Area

Relaxation Room with Duvets

VIP Relaxation Room
Nodding Off in the Relaxation Room 

The Spa Treatment:
The treatment that I opted for was The Intensive Muscle Release Massage which was 55 mins and costs £99. It’s a real intensive massage that works deep into stiff, tight, aching muscles to instantly release pain and tension. Here are all the treatments if you want to look at them: http://www.danesfieldhouse.co.uk/spa-and-leisure/treatments/massage
I had a therapist called Jassi, who was a petite lady, who held no prisoners. First she applied a muscle gel which cooled my muscles and then she worked her elbows, knuckles and fingers into my body with a soothing lavender oil. Some of the massage hurt like crazy and as I cried out, she kept saying sorry. But I was amazed at her strength and her confidence to apply pressure to my whole body. I felt stretched and pummelled and finally succumbed into a deep state of relaxation. The next day, I must admit my body feels so sore, but I feel that tension has gone and Jassi has done a really great job. I also slept a whole 12 hours the night of the massage, so I would thoroughly recommend this to people who have high powered jobs and find it hard to relax.
Understated Relaxing Treatment Room

The Food:
Once my friend and I had our treatments, we got ready into our smart clothes to have lunch at The Orangery. This is a wonderful restaurant overlooking the splendid gardens and has loads of light coming in. It is intimate, even though you have other diners near and the service is so attentive that it is a pleasure and not an annoyance to order at your desire.Sunday lunch here is a real treat 12.30-2.00pm. You can also book dinner and breakfast. For Sunday Lunch, you can book Two Course for £26.50 or Three Courses for £32.50.

At the Orangery Restaurant

For starters I ordered a twice baked Cheese Souffle. It’s something that is too time-consuming to make myself so I was delighted to taste the light and fluffy texture of the Souffle which melted in my mouth. I loved the light Hollandaise style sauce and Spinach leaves with it.  My friend Charlie had Quails Eggs with Smoked Salmon, which she told me was so delicious and the yolks of the eggs were really tasty.For the main course, we both couldn’t resist the Roast Lamb Entree. This was a beautiful rump of lamb that was cooked to perfection, just tender and mouth watering with the smoothest, creamiest, piped mash I have ever tasted. There was a roasted parsnip and a carrot with some Jus, cooked to perfection. I didn’t need any mint sauce or any other kind of Roast Add-On at all, this was just a perfect size.For dessert, I went for a plate of Artisan cheeses which featured a Brie, Chedder and Soft Blue that were locally sourced and went well with the hand made crackers and bread. The pickle was wonderfully sweet and tangy. A mild assortment of cheeses to polish of the meal
without being too heavy.My friend enjoyed the Lemon Tart which was generous in portion and had a great lemon kick without being too bitter.Afterwards, I had a heavenly Cappuccino made with Soya Milk, and no they didn’t wince when I said the S word, which is such a pain to order in other restaurants I have been too.

Starters: Twice Baked Cheese Soufflé

Starters: Quail’s Eggs with Smoked Salmon
Main Course: Both opted for Roast Lamb


Dessert: Artisan Biscuits and Chutney


Lemon Tart
Soya Cappuccino
The Gardens:
So now we were full and really relaxed, we decided to explore the wonderful grounds of Danesfield House. I have added in some history for you which you can also find on their website. Bring some sturdy walking boots or wells with you if you plan on going on a walk. Trainers will just slide everywhere and the steep hills and gravel just won’t do in your loafers. 


Tree lined Paths 
Tapered Topiary
Secret features 
Here is a panoramic view in the gardens overlooking the river:

The Grounds and History:
Why the name Danesfield?
Stunning Views Over The River Thames

Over 4,000 years ago, the site was reputed to have been a resting place of nomadic tribes who paused to hunt nearby land and fish in the untamed river.

If you stand on the crest of the bank between the present house and the river and look west there is a steep ravine which is the remnants of prehistoric fortification. With the discovery of flint on the chalk cliffs, this site became a settlement and was not named ‘Danesfield’ until many years later.

The name came from Danish adventurers who made an encampment here. For this of you who know me, you will know I have Danish family on my mother’s side and I love adventure, So I knew I loved this place for some reason.

A 360 view of the wonderful views of the gardens and river
Steep decline on the chalky cliffs
The Gardens: 
The beautiful grounds have been restored since 1989. The gardeners have rescued the Magnolia which can be found in the corner of the Formal Gardens. The topiary and the Box Hedging is original and has been restored. Original shrubs include Clematis, Wisteria, Choisya and Chimonanthus. There is also a Strawberry Tree and various types of Lavender. 
Rock Garden 

Super Large Goldfish in the Pond

Stunning Mini Garden with Cupid
This is where you will find the Helipad for your Helicopter 
Relaxing in the unusual gardens

Woodland Area
View of The Orangery from the Gardens
Full View of House

Waterfall outside Orangery

“If you want a lovely day out where you can feel grand, whilst feeling grounded, then pick Danesfield House for it’s exquisite charm and old time glamour. You won’t regret it. If you loved The Great Gatsby, then you will love this. Don’t be a number, be an indulged individual.”

A bit of history: Who Lived at Danesfield House? 
Land ownership has been traced back to 1664 to Edmund Medlycott. Him and his wife lived at ‘Medleycotts’ with their son James for over 60 years. 
Then in 1725, James Medlycott, or his executors, rented ‘Medleycotts’ to Mrs Morton, whose son John Morton was barrister to Queen Charlotte, was to be the creator of Danesfield. He purchase it in 1750.At this point Danesfield was not as large and John later purchased more property. After his death, his widow continued to live at Danesfield and sold the estate in 1787 because of financial difficulties. 
The new owner was Robert Scott of Wimpole Street, London, the heir to a fortune made in commerce. He rebuilt the house in Georgian style. When Robert died in 1808, the property went to his family, notably his nephew Charles Robert Scott-Murray who built a chapel at Danesfield. The estate was then passed to his son but it never recovered the prosperity of its late owner. It was eventually sold to Mr Robert William Hudson in 1897. He inherited a fortune from his father Robert Spear Hudson, the Victorian soap magnate – ‘Sunlight’ soap. He was determined to rebuild the property. The house was then built into the style of Italian Renaissance. It became such a show place in 1901 that this is how the Danesfield house stands today. The property was then passed to Mrs Arthur Hornby Lewis who made changes to the interior and layout of the gardens, She died in 1930 and because she was so attached to the house, asked to be buried in the grounds. When her trustees found it difficult to dispose of her estate with her coffin buried theorem they moved it to Hambledon Cemetry in 1938.It was then passed to her grand niece Elizabeth Whitelaw, who attained it on her 25th birthday. After troubled financial depression, it was sold to Stanley Garton who started to take up renovation. Soon the war started and about80 boys were evacuated to live there. 
As war proceeded Danesfield, it was a base to develop the intelligence Section of the Royal Air Force. Mr Garton moved out in 1941. Danesfield was then purchased by the Air Ministry in 1948 and made Headqauarters. RAF residents made a club called Hell Fire Club (After the notorious Hell Fire Club Of Medmenham) whose members all piled up and left a footprint on the ceiling. The property remained in the hands of the RAF until 1977 when it was sold to Carnation Foods to be used as their Corporate Headquarters. 
Danesfield then opened on 1st July 1991 as a luxury Country House Hotel with a charm and character that cannot be compared. 
Danesfield House 
Hotel and Spa
Henley Road
Marlow On Thames


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