Urban Tan Retail Range Review

Urban Tan Sunless Tan Review

Urban Tan is a spray tan and sunless tan I work closely with and use regularly.I always love getting an Urban Tan spray tan, because it is one of the most natural, flawless, sunless tans on the market. Plus, you can add Aroma scents to your spray tan for a holistic effect to get a sense of wellbeing. So I was really pleased with the announcement of four exciting new retail products to use at home to get the same fantastic spray tan effect. So for those of you who have seen me looking very tanned lately, then this is what I have been using. In this review I will be using Glamour Grit and Dark Diva and Fair Maiden and Glamour Gloss will be used on another occasion. 

The range has Anti-Ageing ingredients, skin conditioning properties and feel good fragrances that are usually seen in high end skin care brands. The products are 100% Vegan, Paraben and Gluten Free. Revolutionary ingredients have been used with an exclusive tanning formula, to bring you seamless results and exciting and luxurious ingredients such as Wakame Extract for a firming anti ageing effect, plus Sea Kelp and Algae to offer regenerative, protective and intense rejuvenating properties to repair skin damage. Other dynamic ingredients include Vitamin E, Green Tea, Matrixyl Synthe 6, Co Enzyme Q10 and Caffeine to help combat cellulite and give intense conditioning, for an improved skin appearance that is silky smooth. Perfect for protecting your skin while getting a super dark tan. 

Glamour GritTM RRP. £14.99 (Salon Price £7.50 + VAT)This is an Oil-Free Salt Scrub enriched with Anti-Oxidant Vitamin E to fight free radical damage for skin rejuvenation, Green Tea, plus Sea Kelp and Algaefor skin conditioning.
This Glamour Grit Oil- Free Salt Scrub will buff up your rough side and gently exfoliate to reveal smoother skin.
Once you peel back the foil lid the White Barbados Grapefruit Scent hits your senses and you instantly think of holidays. The Green Tea is uplifting and energising, great for starting your day or clearing your mind in the evening. 
The consistency of the scrub is thick but not gloopy at all. When you smooth it over your skin, considering that it is Oil-Free is very silky and the salt feels like gentle sand on a beach, taking away your dead skin cells. I always use my scrub in the bath before any tanning and it creates such a good base for your sunless product because your skin surface becomes even. You can apply with a scrubbing brush, but I prefer to use my hands so I can get smooth, silky hands also. The scrub is so moisturising that you really don’t need any cream afterwards, only on your dry patches. 
I use this once a week and since using it I have noticed my skin is smoother. My sunless tan is never patchy and I can’t wait to use this more in the Summer on my legs so they are glowing and in great condition. 

 Dark DivaTM RRP. £19.99 (Salon Price £10.00 + VAT)Dark Diva is an easy to use sunless cream. I love the look of a spray tan but sometimes I am so busy that this is not always possible, so this applied before bed is perfect. I use this product for the weekends as it lasts so well and Fair Maiden which is the lighter tan in the week.  This is the Ultimate, Dark Bronzer for the Daring Dark Diva. A Medium-Dark Sunless Tanning Cream enriched with Anti-Ageing CoEnzyme Q10 and Wakame Extract, plus Caffeine to firm the skin to help tighten and tone the skin to diminish cellulite. This cream gives a flawless, deep and dark tan colour. An instant tan colour guide allows a streak free application. DHA, the active tanning agent usually takes 6-8 hours to fully develop. 
The first thing you notice when you squeeze out the formula is that the cream doesn’t have a disgusting fake tan smell which I hate. The cream has a Dragon Fruit smell which is fresh an pleasant. The easy consistency of the cream blends so easily that I never need cream beforehand. A little bit goes a long way and the massive bottle you get for the price is worth the pennies as it lasts you ages. 
The dark colour of the cream won’t stain you, but it does provide an excellent guide for your application. The cream dries quite quickly so if you are in a rush it’s fine to apply for a quick change. 
I’ve got some pictures here of before and after my applications and you can see the lovely dark tan it gives my very pale skin. It gives me a super dark colour that I just cannot find with other tans= at home creams I have previously tried. I love to be super bronzed. The colour lasts about 8 days and is very long lasting. I always top up with the Glamour Gloss which is a gradual tanner. 
Barbados colour in a weekend? Why not!  

Before and after my Dark Diva application. Makes you look slimmer and like you have been away on holiday! 

The other two products that you can use yourself at home are Fair Maiden and Glamour Gloss. Here are the details: 
Glamour GlossTM  RRP. £17.99 (Salon Price £9.00 + VAT)
This is a Daily Gradual Tanning Moisturiser with Matrixyl Synthe 6 for Advanced Anti-Ageing and Skin Softening Silk Proteins. Vitamin E also conditions your skin. Sunless tanning results last up to three times longer when using Glamour GlossTM daily. The Coconut Passion fragrance will make you feel as if you are on holiday and uplift you.
Fair MaidenTM  RRP. £18.99 (Salon Price £9.50 + VAT)The Perfect, Golden, Bronzer for the Subtle Fair Maiden. A Light-Medium Sunless Tanning Cream enriched with Anti-Ageing CoEnzyme Q10 and Wakame Extract, plus Caffeine to firm the
skin to help tighten and tone the skin to diminish cellulite. This cream gives a flawless, natural looking, golden tan colour to enhance skin tone. An instant tan colour guide allows a streak free application. DHA, the active tanning agent usually takes 6-8 hours to fully develop. Tanning and beauty benefits all in one cream!

Urban Tan, A Natural-Looking, Flawless, Aroma Spray Tan and Sunless Tanning Retail Range. 
To find out more about Urban Tan visit www.urban-tan.com or call 020 8498 7266.
For sales queries please contact info@urban-tan.com

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