New Treatments- Hyperbaric, Colonic, Matrix Generation and Far Infra-Red Sauna

New treatments are now available that are usually used in medical practice. 

Everyone would like to look and feel younger than their years – and there are lots of products on the market that promise to help you do just that. These Four New unusual treatments are available from The Body Rejuvenating and Cleansing Clinic 

However the fundamental key to anti-aging is to take out of your body what’s aging it and put into your body those things that will help it regenerate and stay looking and feeling young. In other words, if we can help our cells remain healthy, and encourage them to regenerate, then we can slow the aging process.

According to Jean Clarke of the Body Rejuvenating and Cleansing Clinic, there are four treatments which can do this very effectively. The results are not simply cosmetic; they make changes to the body which improve its performance as well as its appearance.

The four treatments, that used together, act as an anti-aging programme are; mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT), Colonic Hydrotherapy (CH), Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT) and Far Infra-Red Sauna (FIRS).

1)  Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT)This is the cornerstone of the anti-aging programme. mHBOT delivers oxygen under pressure and causing a rise in the body’s blood plasma oxygen content. This results in enhanced oxygen delivery to the tissues, brain and organs of the body.

By spending time in an hyperbaric oxygen chamber (rather than simply breathing extra oxygen) additional oxygen is dissolved in the blood plasma and goes directly into the tissues. This stimulates the body’s own healing processes – and in turn helps the body to look and behave younger than its years.

2)    Colonic Hydrotherapy (CH)
The colon, or large intestine, completes the digestive process and handles our food and other waste. It is normally populated by billions of friendly bacteria which assist in detoxifying waste, synthesise certain vitamins and help us guard against infection.

Correct function of the colon is a necessity for health; research suggests that 80% of all diseased states start with a malfunction in the colon. And as our bodies struggle to deal with this we add additional pressure to the aging process – making us both look (in particular the quality of our skin) and feel older.

Colonic hydrotherapy is an internal bath that helps cleanse the colon of poisons, gas, accumulated faecal matter and mucus deposits. Using disposable equipment, filtered water is gently introduced into the rectum, this progressively softens and expels faecal matter and compacted deposits.

Most people quickly experience improved mental clarity, reduced bloating and a definite improvement in skin quality and clarity. In addition, as nutrients are better absorbed into the body, energy and general health also increases.

3)    Matrix Regeneration Therapy (MRT)
Matrix Regeneration Therapy has three components that work in parallel;
i) The Petechial Vacuum Extraction Massage – draws ‘old’ blood laden with toxins to the surface where it is removed via the lymphatic system. After a number of treatments tissue gets noticeably firmer.
ii) Systems Information Therapy – this neutralizes the toxins reducing the load on the immune system. Muscular tension and the internal organs are accessed via neural reflex zones thus achieving a deep internal effect.
iii) Direct Current Treatment – re-polarizes diseased tissue in order to stimulate regeneration of new, healthier cells.

All three components work together reinforcing each-others’ effects. The immune and lymphatic systems are stimulated, blockages are released allowing the flow of energy through the body and the stress overload on the brain’s central hormonal regulatory system vanishes.

4)    Far Infra-Red Sauna (FIRS).Far infrared energy improves circulation, and helps remove toxins from our tissues, which in turn encourages nutrients in to our cells.

Each day our bodies are inundated with a barrage of chemicals and toxins from the environment. These age us, slow us down, impair our immune systems and neurological functioning – and ultimately make us more susceptible to disease and the aging process.

We therefore need to reduce the toxic build-up in our tissues.  Far infrared therapy, through its deep heating effects, mobilises the toxins in our tissues and cells, increases circulation, and promotes perspiration – thus eliminating the toxins. Cell function and metabolism is therefore enhanced, slowing the aging process and improving the look of our skin – so we not only feel younger, we look younger too.

A programme using these four therapies together is more effective than the sum of the individual benefits of each therapy.

By using these treatments you will not only slow the aging process, you will start to look and feel younger too. You will feel healthier and more energised, your brain will be more alert and you will feel able to face whatever life has to offer.

It’s not yet possible to stop the aging process 100% but it is possible to slow it down and, more importantly, it’s possible to get back to the energy and enthusiasm of our younger years.

Jean Clarke has over 30 years’ experience as a qualified and registered alternative medicine practitioner and is founder of the Body Cleansing and Rejuvenating Clinic in Streatham, London. See: 

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