Nail Harmony Gelish Nail Polish Review: Holiday Party Blues

Anyone in the beauty know will have seen the recent nail boom in a trend for wearing long lasting gel colours which are quickly dried under a UV or LED lamp to last up to two weeks, I have tried many nail brands now such as Shellac, Geleration, Bio Sculpture and now Nail Harmony Gelish. This is marketed as ‘The original brush-in-bottle, high shine gel nail polish’. I had my nails done at Simply Gorgeous beauty salon in Bishop’s Stortford CM23.  This is a great salon if you are shy about trying new beauty treatments as the staff are very friendly and the salon is suitably cosy. Here they have a vast range of the Gelish range. The Holiday Collection caught my eye, especially the colour Holiday Party Blues which is a vivid, sparkly blue. I wanted a different enchanted colour away for the holiday period and this collection (from 2012), containing 6 ‘vacation’ shades has something for everyone. Every colour you dare to wear outside of office hours!

Here is the sparkly blue shade in daylight:

Here is the nail polish in the evening light (electric). See how it takes on a sparkly new shimmer once the light catches it:

Here is also a chart showing most Gelish colours if you want to compare other colours. 

What is Gelish? 

So for people who are new to convert to gel polish and  confused about this type of nail treatment, it is a very easy nail polish application that has come a long way from a messy three kit french manicure that you would do yourself watching Eastenders. 

The high demand for this kind of polish treatment means that salons are now charging reasonable prices and customers remain loyal as they are seeing long term results with their nails keeping upkeep to a minimum. 

Simply Gorgeous start their pricing for a full set application at £20. The polish is applied to filed and buffed nails and consists of a base coat, two coats of colour and a top coat. With each coat comes a quick 60 second drying time in the LED lamps. Notice not UV, which most of the other brands are using. 

The whole process is quick at about 15-20 mins with no chance if you scuffing or ruining your nails on the way out of the salon due to the quick drying time. 

Long term, I have found that the application of this gel polish didn’t ruin my nails at all and when it came to removing the polish, I simply peeled it off in the bath quite easily after about the 1 week and a half mark- this is a miracle for me as I have a lot oil in my nails which means nail polish usually only lasts half a day.  The Gelish contains properties that adhere to Keratin in your natural nail, so it works with instead of against the nail so you are not left scrubbing your nails trying to get the hard mix off. 

One tip I will give you is NEVER use Fairy Washing Up Liquid when you have these type of gel nails as something in the ingredients dissolves the gel. Instead lather up your hands with lotion and put some plastic washing up gloves on, if you simply MUST do the washing up to remain intact with your lovely nails. 

Gelish have a large range of colours (About 146 on last count) so you are bound to find one that suits your mood, after all nail colours are often like impulse flashes of light that you reveal to the world. Here is the Nail Harmony Gelish website if you want to look further.

Let me know what you thought of the colour I picked- Holiday Party Blues.What colours have you tried in the Gelish range? 

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