AKA Nail Colour and Make-Up Review

Nail and Make Up Review for brand A.K.A (Also Known As)

I have decided review A.K.A whose make-up strap line is ‘Awaken the ‘other you’ with this cutting edge, modern collection of make-up products’.The make-up brand was launched in 2012 and has been an undercover secret amongst make-up artists for a while because of the unusual colours and long lasting formulas. Taking the industry by storm with it’s on trend colour palette and fierce brand attitude, the A.K.A creative team have sourced the best quality ingredients to base this brand resulting in premium quality make-up products.

AKA is a very sleek, modern collection of make-up consisting of eye, lip and nail products. The brand was created with the concept of achieving three defining and contrasting looks.

Demure (pretty and classic), Smokey (sexy and sultry) and Carnival (outrageous and fierce).

The white packaging is very simple and almost scientific looking. I liked the way it reminded me of 1920s make-up which was all about the product instead of marketing hype.

Nail Colour Review:The first product that I have reviewed from this range is the A.K.A Nail polish in a shade called Hidden Secret. This was a silvery black that looked full of swirly marble in the bottle. On application the shade went on very easily, not gloopy at all. I needed 2 coats and the varnish dried quite quickly. As it is a very dark shade I would say to be careful around your cuticles as it catches very easily. Upon drying, the colour was a glossy, marvellous black shade that gave the look of gel nails. As it had a metallic element to it, the colour was hi-shine and dramatic. Perfect for the party season. I would definitely use this shade again and perhaps use some glitter or nail art to intensify the wonderful glossy black canvas it gives you. 

Lip Colour Review: The second item that I tried from this brand 
was a gorgeous lip colour in shade Bewitch.
At first glance the colour is deceiving as it is a dark reddish pink, which I don’t usually wear. But on application it pops into a bright vibrant cool tone pink- almost Fuchsia which instantly plumps out your lips and bounces off the light. As I have green eyes it brings out the blue flecks and great for a quick pick -me-up lipstick to brighten your whole face. The colour was long lasting and glossy so you wouldn’t need an additional lip gloss. This lipstick is only £7.50 and can be found on the A.K.A website http://www.akacosmetics.com/lipstick

End verdict- I would definitely buy more products as long as I knew the end result as the colours turn out better but slightly different to what they are in the packaging. Long-lasting and quality products. A.K.A is  a British brand created by a collective of make-up professionals who have lots of experience and have put all they knowledge into creating this brand. The collection is purely for eyes, lips and nails that offer a high pigment with a professional finish.

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