GlamourCat Lipstick Review: Babor Classic Red

Lipstick Review: Babor Classic Red 

I have been asked recently what red lipstick I have been wearing in my theatre shows. I have found a really rich glossy red lipstick with a blue hue, which makes it an excellent choice for cool skin tones, paler skin and if you have light eyes as the blue pigment draws out any blue/green flecks.
I use BABOR lipstick in shade Classic Red. It is a bit pricey at £22 but well worth it as it lasts me ages, it is so conditioning on the lips and the red colour just pops out. You barely need anything else on your face when you wear this shade. Here is the website link to the Babor lipsticks. 
I first discovered BABOR in a spa, where I bought the lipstick by chance and now I can only get it online. The brand was created by famous German Biochemist Dr. Michael Babor over 55 years ago. Babor transforms the secrets of nature into high tech kin care. They are pioneers of innovative cosmetic research and known for their advanced, highly effective formulas based on natural active ingredients. 

Here are the other colours in the range. The Classic Red shade that I have used os number 14, so you can see here, that if you needed a more orange red you should go for 10 or 03 for a more cherry red. 

The packaging is stunning in a gold case. The lipstick has lasted me ages due to the hardwearing outer casing and I always get people asking me where I got it as it is so unusual compared to what is on the market at the moment. 
Look how it makes the blue and green colours in your eyes stand out (ignore my dead pan pose- this is just to show you the effect it has on the eyes), because of the pink/blue vibrant tones in the lipstick. A bit like POP Art. I love this lipstick and if Babor ever discontinue it I’m not sure I could find such a fantastic replacement. 

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