New Mobile App To Create Beauty Products

Phone App with amazing recipes for natural beauty products 

BeautyCraft, a beauty product recipe book app for iPhone and iPod touch, is available exclusively on the App Store. The app teaches you how to make simple fresh beauty products from natural ingredients that you can easily find in your local shops, using tools you already have in your kitchen. My favourite recipe is the Bath Bombs! 

Before we could buy beauty products in the shops, people used to make their own lotions and potions from natural ingredients. Everyone has heard the story of Cleopatra bathing in milk and the tale of her beautifully radiant skin. Legend has it that she required 700 lactating donkeys in order to supply the milk for her daily bathing regime. It was said that in milk “lurked a magic which would dispel all diseases and blights from your beauty”. Nowadays we know that milk contains lactic acid, an Alpha-Hydroxy Acid which will gently slough off dead skin cells. History books are full of little snippets about beauty through the ages which give us an insight into the birth of today’s cosmetics industry. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that our kitchens are full of interesting ingredients which you can use on your skin and hair. Before cosmetics adverts blinded us with techno-babble about products containing ‘Synchronized Recovery Complex II’ or ‘Pro-Retinol A + Elasti-Flex’, people used vegetables, fruit, pulses, grains, dairy products and herbs, to name but a few of the ingredients upon which today’s beauty products are based. BeautyCraft app contains over 80 recipes to teach you how to craft your own simple hair and skincare products. Recipes range from face masks to foot scrubs to bath soaks. None of these recipes contain any of the synthetic skin irritants found in most commercial cosmetics. Each recipe is simple to follow and uses only natural ingredients.The app has been beautifully illustrated with photographs that show you how to make all the recipes. Each recipe card takes you through the ingredients and instructions step by step. You won’t need to buy expensive oils or rare plants, because all of these natural ingredients should be available in your local shops.
BeautyCraft app has been sold in over 50 countries around the world. From Botswana to Kuwait to Japan, women the world over are having a go at crafting their own bath bombs, toners and body scrubs. Don’t miss out – download your copy today!
BeautyCraft app is available for iPhone and iPod touch for £1.49 from the App Store at Visit 

Did you know that apple cider vinegar has been used in beauty products since Roman Times? Or that coffee is thought to fight cellulite, and that honey and thyme have great antibacterial properties? As well as a recipe book, BeautyCraft also contains a detailed A-to-Z of all the ingredients and equipment used in the recipes with explanations of what they do and how they work.

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