Dry Hand and Body Relief- Bakewell Soap Company Restorative Hand & Body Balm Review

Restorative Hand and Body Balm with Hemp and Chamomile Extract

This balm is my absolute handbag must have and does so many things in one product. I have tried many hand creams and balms for my dry hands and nothing has soothed them as well as this product. I only use a tiny amount and warm up the balm in my hands. The balm is not greasy at all and sinks straight in. Best of all, you only have to reapply once a day and the balm sinks in deep to keep your hands or body hydrated all day.

The balm is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-septic and soothing. Best of all, this must-have beauty product is only £8.95 for a large pot, but it is dinky and light enough for your handbag. I also use this balm on my lips, on my cracked heels, around dry tired eyes and even in my hair if I have a frizzy strand I need to tame. It worked especially well on a shaving rash I had, that seemed to magically disappear within a few hours.

The Hemp in this balm heals and the Chamomile soothes. A great combination of ingredients if you have really sensitive hands. Best of all, the smell is an uplifting, fresh and calming scent that soothes you. I think it would make a great present for a gardener, chef or someone who types away like me all day and needs something soothing in their handbag.

The balm is made by The Bakewell Soap Company who are famous for making handmade soaps and bath/body products by hand, using the finest essential oils and fragrances, botanicals and ingredients sourced locally and from around the world.  

The soap is made on the site of an old Victorian mill just outside of Bakewell
. I must go and visit them one day. All their products are available online at http://www.bakewellsoap.co.uk  and they sell to the UK and Europe. You can pay easily by PAYPAL or most credit cards. They have loads more fab
products that are really natural, using holistic ingredients.


About the Bakewell Soap Company:
We started out making soap in our kitchen in New South Wales, Australia several years ago. As a psoriasis
sufferer Dharma wanted to find products that were not only kind on the skin but therapeutic. She loved soap
but found most to be harsh and irritating and full of unknown or undesirable ingredients. So she started
making her own with natural and organic ingredients that were gentle on her skin.
They were such a hit with friends and family she started selling her soaps at markets and soon built up
a loyal customer base. After a move back to England we decided to rebrand and call ourselves The Bakewell
Soap Company, taking inspiration from our beautiful surroundings.


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