Summer Shoe Wishlist: Bagllerina Shoes

Travel Essentials- Bagllerina Shoes
 I have seen many versions of this type of fold up shoe but none that can match fashion and comfort quite like the Bagllerina pumps. Great for Summer style and for short trips away when hand luggage means you need to only pack what is necessary. These fold up pumps are also great for your handbag on nights out or to keep in the car for driving. They are super comfy and don’t lose their shape once folded up.

Chic and ever-so Parisian, Bagllerina are all about travelling in style and comfort. Fold-up leather ballerina pumps that each come in a handy leather pouch with spare fabric shoe bag. The French have thought of everything!


THE BALLET PUMPS, (Above in silver, red and black) £110.
These unique ballerina pumps from hot new French brand Bagllerina are a brilliant new concept. Designed primarily for all stylish travel and holiday purposes, the leather ballet pumps fold neatly in half and fit into a complimentary leather pouch that conveniently fits into your hand bag or hand luggage. Swap your heels for your flats to get to your destination swiftly and comfortably.

THE SLIPPERS, (Below in pale pink)  £65.
We adore our new discovery; French brand Bagllerina! These sweet little leather collapsable ballet pumps come slippers are designed to be carried with you in your hand luggage and slipped into on your flight. Stylish, comfortable and practical, they come in a small leather pouch that takes up no room at all!

 I will be purchasing my Bagllerinas from Style Passport website where they have loads of great footwear with great deals on. I bet these are a hot seller for 2012!

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