Spotted! Fab make-up looks at the 2012 Professional Beauty Show

This was Hannah Milton – make-up by Alice Harman displaying 1950s high fashion. I loved this look! Minnie Mouse meets Grease! The sculpting shades of Hannah’s make-up were just gravity defying!
This was Gintare Nikolayavaite – make-up by Ina Prusakova. The theme was Fantasy ‘Lady Gaga’. A stunning renaissance make-up look with a stunning costume. Exquisite attention to detail.

Winner of the day for the make-up competition at the show, (below) and who I spotted long before they were announced the winner was Claire O’ Kennedy with make-up by Nicole Robinson. Their theme was pop icon Christina Aguilera. There was something very ethereal and Narniaesque about this look that drew me in and the overall costume and light of the make-up deserved the accolade it won. Well done!

Here, as the on-watch Madonna fan I am, I spotted Nikki Harris with make-up by Chantelle Mcintyre. No need to say what the icon was here. I loved this almost rock punk look of Madge and the high fashion look wouldn’t have looked out of place at a Vivienne Westwood show. Loved the unusual necklace detail.

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