Shellac Nail Colour & New 2012 Colours

Shellac Nail Colour
I have a problem with my nails as they chip all the time. This is because I have natural oils in my nails that make it come off and I type a lot during the day. I have tried everything to solve this such as base and top coats, hard wearing nail polish and acrylics, but still I find them very time-consuming. My beautician persuaded me to try Shellac nails; the painter’s “power polish” and I haven’t looked back since!
The benefits of the Shellac UV colour coat:
• Goes on like a polish
• Wears like gel
• Comes off nails in minutes
• Lasts for 14 days
• Zero Dry Time
• Mirror Finish  
• Fast dry time which means in ten seconds of UV drying, you can drive home without worrying abut smudges or knocks to newly coated nails.
I have Shellac Gotcha colour in a pretty pink colour.


First my beautician files my nails into shape and makes sure I have no varnish residue from previous colours. The nails are scrubbed with ScrubFresh because ScrubFresh will eliminate any contaminants such as oil and debris from the surface of the nails

Then a Shellac UV base coat is applied. All Shellac nail colours are shaken vigorously for 10 seconds to loosen up the bead ingredients.

Then my nails are dried under a CND UV Lamp for 120 seconds.
The colour coat is then applied and dried for the same amount of time and then finished with a coat of the UV layer with 120 seconds of UV drying again. All very simple and quick when you are working on both hands The top sticky layer (the inhibition layer) is taken off with a cotton pad soaked in **D-Sperse IPA solution. Scrub Fresh must never be used for this as it breaks down the product.
The result is super glossy pretty nails which look like acrylics but are all my own and much more natural! I love the fact that I do not have to worry about my nails for two weeks once this has been done. My beautician charges about £30 to have this nail treatment done and it is worth every penny.
I was recently at The Professional Beauty Show 2012 on Sunday March 4th and was very excited to see the new Shellac colours being launched on the CND nail stand.
The new colours are SILVER VIP STATUS which is a shimmery colour that you can layer over a colour coat.
SILVER CHROME which is a gorgeous thick, gleaming silver colour that is great for the beach.
RUBBLE which is a scrummy chocolate shade and beautiful with neutral clothing/everyday wear.
GOLD VIP STATUS is a sparkling shimmer, again can be used over coloured coats or for nail design.
DARK LAVA is a vampy, pearly plum colour.
CITYSCAPE is an unusual grey colour-very urban.
The whole collection wouldn’t look out of place on a character from Doctor Who or  Bladerunner. I like they way they are quite wacky but you can carry them off for the day as they would go with everything.
Here are some of the girls at the show with the new colours on- I can’t wait to try SILVER CHROME for my holidays with silver jewellery. SHELLAC you have a fan here thanks!
 Link to the official SHELLAC website

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